USB XMas Lights: LEDs For Monitors or Lil' Trees

I know it's pretty clich but the holidays seem to be getting started earlier and earlier every year. Wasn't it just halloween yesterday? My girlfriend (read: imaginary friend) is already covering the apartment with red and green decorations. Well for those of you out there that love to adorn your office with holiday… » 11/01/06 7:44pm 11/01/06 7:44pm

Worlds Largest Seamless Display; Uses More Power Than a 3rd World…

Measuring in at a measly 27 x 15-ft, this projection system requires 20 networked PCs with multiple graphics cards just to process the 60 million pixel display. Just for comparison, those ultra clear HDTVs you've been watching are only around 2.07 million pixels. » 10/31/06 6:40pm 10/31/06 6:40pm

Sharp SH903i Mosquito and Spy Repelling Cellphone

Paranoid about everything? The Sharp SH903i might be your dream phone. It has facial recognition software, linked through its 3MP camera, so you can lock up your phone's keypad and data with your handsome mug. In addition, the SH903i has a user activated privacy filter so that no one can see your screen from the… » 10/17/06 6:33pm 10/17/06 6:33pm

Mini Travel Iron, Taking Down One Wrinkle at a Time

So not too much changes in the world of irons, especially not enough to warrant a post here on Gizmodo. However being insanely tiny does! Which is where the Mini Travel Iron comes in. It's only 3 3/4" long and heats up to 360 Degrees (Is that actually good?). Now the only thing that comes to mind is how ghetto your… » 10/13/06 7:48pm 10/13/06 7:48pm

Gizmodo: While You Were Passed Out

I saw you sleeping at your keyboard last night. It was pretty pathetic, drool coming out of the corner of your mouth, eye buggers building up... Wait that's getting off topic! There was some sweet info you might have missed; such as the World Exclusive about the Virgin Galactic Cabin, 3 Zune stories:1 2 & 3, as well… » 9/28/06 6:10pm 9/28/06 6:10pm

Apple Showtime: Super Deluxe Roundup

Ok for those of you who have been living under a rock for the last couple of days we pulled together every story that was posted here on Gizmodo covering the Apple Showtime event. I'm talking everything from Brian Lam having to pee all the way to the new product pr0n, now jump & enjoy! » 9/15/06 9:35pm 9/15/06 9:35pm